I love this comic.  I absolutely LOVE this comic.  It’s written from Steve’s perspective by Steve and it chronicles his time with the Avengers after the Battle of New York.  The author really understands Steve’s character, along with Natasha, Pepper, and especially Tony.  I look forward to every update.


so yes i have to know because reasons

is chris evans  wearing a wig for captain america ? or ? 

So, I feel like the flashback scene with Bucky and Steve after Steve’s funeral involves a wig.  His hair is really long in this scene compared to the rest of the movie, while Bucky’s is shorter.  They’re probably both wearing wigs…  Sometimes, though, I don’t know.  It doesn’t entirely look right.  There are some scenes where it’s clearly his hair.  I think ultimately it’s probably a combination for various “movie magic” reasons.

My biggest pet peeve when it comes to Marvel hair is Thor’s hair in the first Thor movie.  I feel like the color they used to dye Chris Hemsworth’s hair made him look bloated and overly pink and pudgy in the face.  It’s not a good color for him.  I can deal with Cap’s sometimes-orange-ish blond, but Thor’s hair in the first movie just doesn’t look good, especially in the scenes that happen at night or in the bar.  

So I just watched “what’s your number”


Chris Evans is just wow
Chris Pratt is just wow
Martin Freeman is just wow
The film is just wow it’s so underrated

Anthony Mackie is also in this movie.  It’s basically a movie where Anna Faris has had her way with three Marvel super heroes and Dr. Watson.  I don’t understand why this isn’t everyone’s favorite movie. 

I Can Haz Moar Trigun Days???


Since people seemed to enjoy Knives Day, I’ve put together a list of other “days” the fandom could celebrate, and possible dates:

Gung-Ho Guns Day - January 28 (International Have Fun At Work Day) OR November 9 (Chaos Never Dies Day)

Meryl Day - February 25 (Pistol Patent…