Breakdown of everything that is wrong with Fitz treatment


I have seen many people being bewildered at why there is such an outcry about the way SHIELD is now treating Fitz. As a person professionally involved in neurorehabilitation, I will try to answer what standards of care a person with brain damage should receive. This is really a topic I know a lot…

I watched the episode with my little sister last night and when Fitz started showing signs of aphasia my sister pointed at me and started laughing.  I got a concussion a few months ago and I had some pretty hilarious aphasia going on.  (The concussion seemed to temporarily make me completely un-anxious about the whole situation, too, which is weird because I’m one of the most high-strung people I’ve ever met.)  I could really identify with the performance.  Fitz was totally believable to me.  

Having said that, if Fitz was that believable, it made me think that the way the team reacted had to have something more to do with the current situation our heroes are in and much less to do with the idea that they think they’re treating Fitz in the correct way.  Coulson is in over his head.  He’s disregarding his health and isn’t checking in with May.  May is the most senior member of the field operating team, so she has to command Skye and Trip, but she also has to look out for Coulson, too.  And it makes absolute sense to me that Fitz would do way worse once Simmons left, but I can’t imagine Simmons leaving Fitz for no reason.  I CAN imagine her using her new-found lying capabilities to create some sort of ruse so that she could continue synthesizing the GH 235 without Coulson, et al, knowing about it.  I can’t imagine her leaving Fitz when he needs a compatriot most of all.

I don’t understand why Trip wouldn’t be involved with Fitz’s recovery, since Trip has medical training, but maybe he’s just spread too thin like everyone else…  Beats me.  He’s a smart guy and seems like he’s a natural fit as someone who could both be in the lab AND help Fitz in many different aspects of his recovery.

Ultimately, I felt the way Fitz was treated by the team was supposed to exemplify how the team was NOT functioning.  I did not think at any point that the show was trying to model how people recovering with brain injuries were supposed to be treated.  It showed how thin spread everyone had become and it really showed how different Coulson had become since last season.  

I also wonder if Fitz demanded to stay on with the team.  I can’t imagine him admitting defeat, especially if Simmons was still there.  He would want to be with her.  But I can’t imagine having him around and being both unreliable and frustrated because he knows he’s unreliable at the moment could possibly help the team.

Anyway, I hope no one uses this show to figure out how to treat people with brain injuries!  :)



I love this comic.  I absolutely LOVE this comic.  It’s written from Steve’s perspective by Steve and it chronicles his time with the Avengers after the Battle of New York.  The author really understands Steve’s character, along with Natasha, Pepper, and especially Tony.  I look forward to every update.


so yes i have to know because reasons

is chris evans  wearing a wig for captain america ? or ? 

So, I feel like the flashback scene with Bucky and Steve after Steve’s funeral involves a wig.  His hair is really long in this scene compared to the rest of the movie, while Bucky’s is shorter.  They’re probably both wearing wigs…  Sometimes, though, I don’t know.  It doesn’t entirely look right.  There are some scenes where it’s clearly his hair.  I think ultimately it’s probably a combination for various “movie magic” reasons.

My biggest pet peeve when it comes to Marvel hair is Thor’s hair in the first Thor movie.  I feel like the color they used to dye Chris Hemsworth’s hair made him look bloated and overly pink and pudgy in the face.  It’s not a good color for him.  I can deal with Cap’s sometimes-orange-ish blond, but Thor’s hair in the first movie just doesn’t look good, especially in the scenes that happen at night or in the bar.  

So I just watched “what’s your number”


Chris Evans is just wow
Chris Pratt is just wow
Martin Freeman is just wow
The film is just wow it’s so underrated

Anthony Mackie is also in this movie.  It’s basically a movie where Anna Faris has had her way with three Marvel super heroes and Dr. Watson.  I don’t understand why this isn’t everyone’s favorite movie.